Adidas Eyeglasses for Triangle Face Shapes: How to Pick the Right Pair?

When purchasing Adidas eyeglasses online, it is essential to understand your face shape and the ideal frames for it. One of the most typical face forms is a triangle with pointy angles on the top and a flat base underneath. It’s also known as a base-down triangular face shape, and it looks like a tall mountain with a narrow summit. It might be difficult to find glasses that are suitable for this face shape, but there are a few pointers and strategies to help.

Four easy steps to identify triangular face shape

A strong jawline distinguishes triangle features, which are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Contrary to the forehead and cheeks, the jawline is usually the widest part of the face. These are the primary features of a triangular face shape, and knowing them will help you choose the right Adidas eyeglasses frames.

  1. Narrow forehead

A narrow forehead is thinner than the cheekbones and the jawline characterizes a triangular face shape. Also, their hairline could appear to be thin. There is a noticeable gap seen between their eyebrows and foreheads.

  1. Broad check bones

Prominent cheekbones and cheeks that might be large or round identify a triangle-shaped face. Either in proportion to the jawline or just a little narrower than the jaw, the cheekbones.

  1. Wide jawline

The jawline, which resembles the base of a triangle, is the largest and most recognizable feature in people with triangle faces. Despite its width, the jawline need not be angular or pointed; it might instead have a soft appearance.

  1. Flat chin

The chin may appear flat or rounded without any sharp or angled features in people with a base-down triangular face shape.

How do you choose the best glasses for a triangle face?

Eyeglasses with a larger top frame and a smaller lower frame, are best for those with triangle faces. It is essential to maintain the frame’s lowest third as a thin profile. As a result, heavier Adidas glasses frames with a wide top frame are advised for people with triangle faces.

  • Browline eyeglasses

Men with a triangular face shape look fantastic in eyeglasses with a double bridge and bulky upper sections, such as browline frames. Intricately crafted frames with gemstones on the temples can also balance out a narrower forehead and provide the appearance of a smaller jawline.

  • Wide eyeglasses frames

People may choose eyeglasses with broader frames or oversized frames to accentuate the top of the face. This might reduce the appearance of a wider face and produce a more proportionate appearance. Another choice is to choose oddly shaped glasses with a narrower lower half and a wider upper part.

  • Cat-eyeglasses

Cat-eye spectacles work well with a variety of facial forms, particularly the triangular faces found in females. Cat-eye glasses’ elongated temples draw attention to the characteristics of a triangular face. Patterns that can give the appearance of a larger forehead include tortoiseshell, leopard print, spotty frames, and dual-tone.

  • semi-rim eyeglasses frames

Semi-rimmed glasses can soften the appearance of a wide jawline and draw attention to the top of the face. Metal-framed semi-rim spectacles are attractive to look at and can give the user a commanding presence.

  • Prolonged upswept

Extended upswept eyewear can hide wide jawlines and give the appearance of a more balanced face by making narrow foreheads look proportionate. These glasses are referred to as having an inverted triangular face shape.

  • Oval shape eyeglasses

Oval glasses with designer frames are another appealing alternative for people with triangle faces. You can choose from eyeglasses with rimless, half-rim, or full rims in a variety of hues, patterns, metals, and acetate types.

Avoid using eyeglasses with a larger lower section to prevent broadening your jawline. Take note of the best eyewear for triangular face shapes and think about getting the striking non-prescription or prescription eyewear described above to project the greatest image of yourself.

Despite the fact that triangular face shapes are rather common, it’s difficult to find the right glasses to go with them. However, we are confident that after reading this article, you will be able to correctly determine the shape of your face and select the perfect set of Adidas prescription glasses to complement your individual features.

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